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About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Evan Talley and if you are here, I want to thank you for visiting my website.  This voiceover journey has been so much fun. People would always tell me I had a voice for radio and other voice works, and I got very tired of just saying " Yeah, a lot of people say that." So, after a while of researching, I went out bought myself some equipment, set up a home studio and started doing voiceovers.

I have a natural, smooth, deep tone on the microphone that has gotten me great reviews from clients I've worked with. It is the type of voice that will gain and maintain your clients or gamers attention.  If you are looking for a reliable and personable voice artist for any project, I would like to be your choice of a voice.

I enjoy all types of voiceover projects and am open for all kinds of work. If I had to choose a genre, I would have to go down the video game/ animation route. I can voice any villain in any game or cartoon that you would need. It is a very dark voice indeed, but I have a heroic side to it as well. Let's be honest I am a cartoon character in human form, so this is where I belong and where I am confident in my abilities to provide you with a great voiceover.
Contact me today and let's work together!


Contact Me today and Let's Work Together

Thanks for submitting!

When it comes to my rates, I have a fixed session fee. However, usage fees are absolutely open for negotiations, depending on intended usage of project. If you have a budget that you cannot exceed, please DO NOT BE SHY. Let me know your situation and we will work something out. C'mon, does the guy above really look like he isn't reasonable. I am an honest man and believes everyone deserves a fair price. Below is a link of standard rates in the voiceover industry today.

There are some things I need from you before I am able to provide an accurate final quote.

For commercial works, narrations, YouTube, etc.
-Script Content
-Word Amount
-National spot or local spot for T.V or Radio
-Traffic of YouTube channel
-No Medical Narrations, Sorry  
For video games or other animations and cartoons
-Content of the Game
-Word amount of each character and any background information i could have to bring the character to life.      
- Major Console, Mobile, Computer game etc.

The duration in which you intend to use the project for yourself, or your company will also be factored into the final quote. Once again, I am an easy-going guy, we can negotiate. Send me a message below!!

All recordings are done in my home-made professional studio with my dynamic samson Q9U microphone. I am using a Scarlet solo 3rd generation audio interface and recording on Adobe audition!!


Contact me and Let's Work Together!!

Thanks for submitting!

About Me
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